Delt Papir

dedicated to manufacturing and supplying great quality paper products and hygiene products

Delt Papir Brands

We keep our paper and hygiene products fresh and exciting by developing new technologies to improve product design and investing in progressive manufacturing processes for all our product brands.

Tubeless For More

Paper and Hygiene Products for ‘Away from Home’ Washrooms

You may have heard the expression ‘less is more’ and each product in the Tubeless range of paper and hygiene products for public washrooms gives more value with less waste as well as delivering great performance.

Hygiene Eye Smat Technology

Remote Monitoring Technology for Washroom Management

This is the ideal way to monitor paper and hygiene product use in the washroom and simplify cleaning maintenance and dispenser servicing, from controlling usage, managing refill and battery replacement to paper and hygiene product ordering.  


Paper Products for the Home

If you’re looking for paper towels, toilet tissue or napkins to resell to consumers, our Ola’la range offers amazing quality. Made from cellulose or recycled paper they meet the demand for a sustainable quality product.

With established and strong distribution in Europe we are actively building business globally.

Join us on our growth journey

Delt Papir Growth Goals

It is a growth journey that began in 2003 when, as a small but ambitious company based in Croatia, we distributed and sold specific paper products for households and professional sectors. 

Today, with manufacturing in mainland Europe and China, we produce and supply an extensive range of paper and hygiene products not only for consumers, but for a rapidly expanding customer base and distribution network regionally and internationally.  

Our company culture is to recognise and respond to the needs and wishes of our customers and the market. Every employee is encouraged to make a positive impact on our operation so we can be even more flexible and adapt to current market’s demands. 

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Delt Papir Sustainable Future

We are acutely aware that producing quality products for an expanding international customer base has to be managed sustainably. 

Our paper products are produced from pulp or recycled material that comes from a sustainable or recovered resource. All our products are manufactured using the best environmental practices.

Behind all our activities is a drive to have the best environmental footprint without compromising performance in all aspects of our business.


Every employee is responsible continuous improvement and reduction of the environmental impact