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Leading Brands from Delt Papir

Tubeless For MoreTubeless For More – Our brand promise is quite simple, the ‘Tubeless for More in the Washroom’ range of products offers a complete washroom hygiene solution that’s more efficient, more environmental and more appealing to washroom users.

Tubeless hand towel and toilet tissue rolls are manufactured and supplied without the inner cardboard tube, adding metres of paper to each roll and taking away waste and transportation and storage costs. Significantly less waste is produced during the manufacturing process and there’s no waste at the end of the roll. We have converted the waste savings into more value for our customers by offering more usable product for the same price

More paper + no waste + less storage + reduced transport costs

The range combines stylish dispensing units which coordinate to give a complete Tubeless family for the washroom and includes skin care systems for hand washing, automatic toilet and urinal cleaning and air freshening systems.

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Hygiene Eye

The key to controlling washroom hygiene

Hygiene Eye Smart Technology

Hygiene Eye is smart digital technology that gives washroom managers and cleaner the added advantage of remotely monitoring how products are being used in the washroom while simplifying maintenance and managing refill and battery replacement more efficiently.

Using real-time data, Hygiene Eye promises to:

  • Keep Tubeless washroom dispensers topped up so that product is always available and ready to use when it’s needed
  • Control the use of consumables, so that product is never wasted and money is saved
  • Keep cleaning and maintenance staff focussed on what is needed, when and where
  • Make stock control more efficient, so that you have the right amount of product available at all times to keep washrooms working
  • Create a bespoke washroom environment that suits washroom users and washroom managers 

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Our great quality, great value brand of paper products for households, catering and food service outlets.

The Ola’la range includes a wide choice of napkins, toilet rolls, paper towels and kitchen rolls

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