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Strengthening The Promotion Of New Innovative Products To Expand Exchange To The Target Market

Brief description of the project

The developer of the project is Delt Papir d.o.o. from Zagreb, a company today engaged in the production of pulp, paper and paper products. Due to the strong focus on the production and sale of our own products, revenue increased by an average of over 15% annually in the period 2013-2016, and in the existing assortment structure there is a need to increase capacity, especially in the professional part of the assortment.

Exports account for almost 50% of total turnover

In order to achieve the goal of export growth in the coming years, it is necessary, among other things, to carry out this project.

The key challenge underlying the launch of this project is to increase the company’s market share in Europe and the Gulf of Arabia based on a new innovative tubeless series designed for the demanding professional overseas market, complete with hygienic infrastructure and filling and expected to become an export orientation carrier in the next two years. It is particularly important to point out that the Tubeless Series is in the first product lifecycle and therefore represents a huge potential in terms of profitability and increase of market share in the global market (

The project envisages the following activities:

  • Appearance at CMS Berlin 2017. The fair takes place in the period 19.-22. September 2017.
  • Appearance at Middle East Cleaning Technology Week 2017, Dubai, UAE The fair is being held from 07-09. November 2017.
  • Appearance at ISSA INTERCLEAN 2018, Amsterdam The fair takes place in the period 15.-18. May 2018. This is the largest trade fair in the world where we have built export products. Most buyers in today’s portfolio are from the Amsterdam trade show. Given the size of the fair, potential buyers come from all over the world.
  • Production of promotional materials
  • Publicity and visibility
  • Project management and administration

Objectives and expected results of the project

The aim of the project is to strengthen the market position and increase the company’s market share in the markets of Europe and the Arabian Gulf, where we primarily want to strengthen the existing network of distributors, mainly from Saudi Arabia. We will achieve this through stronger promotion of our own products through these fairs and in direct contact with potential customers we will present the quality of the product and thus reach new customers, increase export to the target markets and finally the total revenue of the company.

The quality and reliability of deliveries and high technological achievements have proved to be the right direction in the growth of the foreign market. The growth of sales in the foreign market shows that our customers recognize us as a reliable partner who meets the high criteria of the modern market. With such positioning in the foreign market, the Company is sure that it will achieve long-term cooperation with all new partners with which it begins cooperation by promoting the said program at fairs.

Total project value: 446.995,00 HRK

Total amount of eligible costs: 446,995.00 HRK

Co-financed amount: 290.500,00 HRK

Own funds: 156,495.00 HRK

Project implementation period: 13.09.2017. – 13.09.2018

Contact person for more information:

Krunoslav Kisak