In 2020, DELT Papir sent 200 trucks to export | DELT Papir

DELT Papir’s export story is the part of Lider’s column “We count trucks with goods for export”

For DELT Papir d.o.o. from Zagreb, which produces hygienic paper products, the first quarter of the year meant significantly increased production work because they found themselves in a situation where their main products – toilet paper and paper towels, disappear from store shelves instantly, and domestic orders (foreign too) retail chains were constantly arriving.

In the second quarter, orders from foreign markets increased and took primacy.

However, the export share stabilized and in the first half of the year DELT Papir exported almost 3,000 tons of goods, as many as 200 trucks full of goods for retail chains, as well as their export professional range brand Tubeless.

On a monthly basis this year, the company therefore sent 33 trucks of goods across borders. A special feature of paper products from the Tubeless range is the absence of a cardboard tube, which gives a more compact product with many more meters of paper that is fully usable. Also, paper is produced from raw materials from renewable sources and from recycled cellulose raw materials.


It is a toilet paper whose production does not leave a negative mark on the environment and the brand is also the holder of the EU Ecolabel certificate.

The company exports its paper products, special for the most modern production technology and excellent quality, to 26 countries in Europe, the European Union and the world. Markets where DELT Papir products are already “domesticated” are, for example, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, Dubai… The professional range of the Croatian company can therefore be found at airports, shopping malls , hotels, restaurants and cafes around the world.

The company also started producing medical masks types I, II and IIR, a certified medical product that meets the highest standards of renowned European laboratories and certification houses. Although the company currently sells medical masks mostly on the domestic market, there are more and more inquiries from abroad every day, and in the second half of the year, exports are expected to increase in this production segment as well.

In 2019, DELT Papir made a profit of HRK 129 million. Calculated in the quantities of exported goods, it is about 4,711 tons or almost 320 trucks that the company delivered to foreign markets.

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