The Croatian company is the first manufacturer of surgical face masks | DELT Papir

Photo credit: Matej Grgić


The Zagreb company DELT Papir is the first manufacturer of surgical masks in Croatia. Although they produce toilet paper and paper towels, they have decided to adapt to the new needs of the market.

In March and April, DELT Paper worked at maximum capacity to produce sufficient quantities of toilet paper, one of the most wanted products on store shelves. At the time, owners Kruno Kišak and Alen Krajačić had difficulties finding face masks for their employees. This is exactly how the idea of a new investment arose, although economic opportunities are not the most suitable for new investments. Still, the demand for surgical masks is growing day by day, and the owners are satisfied because their production plant is still working without interruptions.

Surgical masks have proven to be a very useful preventive tool, especially due to their composition that includes three layers, with an emphasis on specific filters with BFE 99% as used in the production of masks in DELT Papir in Zagreb’s Jankomir. This means that their surgical masks are almost 100 percent protected from the spread of drops when speaking, coughing and so on.

The wish of the owners from the beginning of the investment is that Croatian companies in the further fight and coexistence with the coronavirus do not encounter difficult and long-term procurement of protective equipment, as was the case earlier this year. Krajačić and Kišak agree that the health of employees and safe work in the team is the most important for rescuing the crisis-shaken economy.

DELT Papir has nurtured the tradition of being the first in the production of most wanted products since its beginnings.

As the first Croatian manufacturer of toilet paper of the recognizable brand Ola’la and other paper hygiene products, they proudly continue their entrepreneurial motto. They are also manufacturers of branded paper products, and the brand of paper products without cardboard tube Tubeless is their main export asset for professional use.

Apart from the Croatian market, DELT Papir’s surgical masks are increasingly in demand in the countries to which they usually export their paper range – from the European Union to the Middle East, so the Tubeless brand can be found at airports, hotels, restaurants and other places with a higher flow of people in 26 countries around the world.

“The global crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus is a challenge for all of us that we must face bravely. Our health comes first because without healthy employees, there is no stable economy. We are all together in this battle, and surgical masks can greatly facilitate and protect us,” said the owners Kišak and Krajačić.

As the obligation to wear masks in public transport vehicles has been introduced, and speculation is growing that the obligation will be introduced in many other places where people gather, it is important that the supply of protective masks to the market is uninterrupted and fast. DELT Papir with its production of surgical masks is certainly an important factor in protecting the health of all of us.

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