Zagreb located production of the first surgical masks in Croatia | DELT Papir

Photo credit: Matej Grgić


The crisis caused by the coronavirus brought new market opportunities, and the company DELT Papir was the first to start the production of surgical masks in Jankomir, Zagreb

Coronavirus is again a current topic, and face masks have become mandatory in public transportation vehicles. It is very likely that wearing masks will become mandatory in other indoor spaces, as well as in places of larger gatherings of people. This spring, DELT Papir decided to invest in a new production line for the production of surgical masks. One of the incentives for this is the fact that during the beginning of the pandemic in our area, it was difficult for them to supply protective masks for their employees.

In this Zagreb company, they share the opinion that the health of employees comes first and is a pillar of a stable economy. The surgical masks they produce are characterized by a special 3-ply structure, and many studies have shown that this type of protective face mask with BFE 99% reliably protects against the spread of exhalation drops.

Protection of citizens’ health as the main motive

Owners Kruno Kišak and Alen Krajačić believe that it is important that Croatian companies have the opportunity to quickly and easily purchase protective masks for their employees because it is one of the main prerequisites for safety and health during the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

DELT Papir, as a company engaged in the production of toilet paper and other paper products, worked at maximum capacity during the spring, precisely because of the increased demand for toilet paper.

They are one of the few companies in Croatia that did not have an interruption during the lockdown. Their brand of toilet paper Ola’la is well known in our market, and they also produce paper products for brands. Good organization, protection of employees in the form of work from home for a part of the staff that is not closely related to production, frequent disinfection of contact surfaces and wearing protective masks and gloves during working hours, in their case proved to be a winning combination. No employee has contracted the coronavirus, and production is ongoing.

In addition to our market needs, surgical masks are also produced for export. Since a large share of the production of the paper range in DELT Papir is exported, their surgical masks are in great demand in the countries of the European Union and the Middle East, the markets with which they already cooperate. The main export asset of DELT Papir, and exported to 26 countries around the world, is the Tubeless brand which can be found in hotels, restaurants and airports. Tubeless is toilet paper without a cardboard tube, which gives much more products in one roll.

In the coming times, it is important to adapt to the new needs of the market, and DELT Papir has extensive experience in this. They were the first to produce toilet paper in Croatia, and now the first surgical masks. Along with coexistence with the virus, protective masks could be a key factor in preserving the health of citizens, but also the economy.

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