The first surgical masks produced in Croatia | DELT Papir

As the first Croatian company which produces paper products such as toilet paper and towels, the management of DELT Papir adapted to the new needs of the market and decided to invest in a new production plant for the production of 3-ply surgical masks.

Protective masks have become an important preventive means of preserving personal health, but also the health of the people around us. The Covid-19 virus pandemic has completely changed the world’s economic priorities in just a few months. Companies engaged in the production of hygienic paper products, protective equipment, disinfectants, plexiglass partitions and many other highly wanted products that are important for general health safety have become overcapacitated, and their production facilities operate virtually continuously. The guiding idea of DELT Papir is to raise health awareness to the highest level, and thus invest heavily in innovative technologies to make their products globally competitive.

The decision to manufacture surgical masks came as a necessity because they themselves had to provide their employees with sufficient quantities of protective equipment, including masks, and this was sometimes not easy. In order to support the market with new stocks of protective surgical masks, in the first phase of production, the company’s management wants to provide sufficient quantities for national needs. Aware of the fact that production is currently the mainstay of the crisis-shaken economy and that their production activities create a significant share of market recovery, with this project, as well as all previous investments, the company wants to make a strong contribution to the economy.

The guiding idea of DELT Papir is to raise health awareness to the highest level, and thus invest heavily in innovative technologies to make their products globally competitive

“When planning a new production facility, we primarily wanted to ensure a stable supply of protective masks to the market to continue the fight against coronavirus. Surgical masks are a very useful product without which at this moment we can practically not work in a team, ride public transport, go to shopping. Due to their special structure and filtering characteristics, surgical masks have proven to be effective in preventing the spread of droplets that occur during speech and breathing, and in everyday life, conversation is what forms the basis of work and life, “explains one of the reasons for the new investment cycle in DELT Papir director Alen Krajačić.

We are witnessing a global crisis that has affected the market of protective equipment, necessary in everyday situations. With its product, DELT Papir wants to make it easier for Croatian companies to wait a long time for shipments from abroad. Although the situation with the procurement of protective equipment in Croatia has stabilized, the owners emphasize the importance of national production, which in the coming period could be of great importance for the uninterrupted stability in the supply of protective equipment.

“Our companies must at all times be able to supply their employees with protective equipment, especially protective surgical masks that are changed several times in shifts. Clearly we hope and eagerly expect an adequate medical solution to end the battle with the virus, but time is relentless and we do not want to leave things to chance. Good planning of the production of masks will certainly make a big difference in protecting the health of citizens, “adds Kruno Kišak, director of DELT Papir.

The private sector is facing a battle with uncertain market turmoil, but companies engaged in the production of products of significant importance in the emerging economic needs should certainly continue to support because their stability depends on many jobs, but also the health safety of our fellow citizens, health workers and patients.

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