The Zagreb company Delt Papir wants to cover all domestic demand for masks | DELT Papir

Assessing the situation on the market, the board, in the midst of the disastrous corona crisis, invested HRK 1.5 million in a new plant for the production of certified three-layer surgical masks.

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to have entered its second phase, and after a short period of stagnation, we are again approaching the three-digit daily numbers positive for coronavirus. These days, some epidemiological measures in Croatia have been tightened, and one of the key obligations is to wear protective masks on numerous public occasions. Therefore, the question arises again whether we will be followed by a repetition of the scenario with shortages of this item and a jump in its price by several hundred percent.

However, it should be noted that in this “wave” the domestic industry has consolidated because more and more companies have included the production of protective masks in their range. One of them is Zagreb’s Delt Papir, which, as they themselves point out, is the first Croatian company with completely local production of paper products for hygienic use.

Assessing the situation on the market, the management of Delt Papir, in the midst of the economically devastating corona crisis, has invested HRK 1.5 million in a new plant for the production of certified three-layer surgical masks. The investment was completed these days, and was realized in just two months.

As the director Alen Krajačić, who performs this function with Kruno Kišak, explains, the decision to produce surgical masks came from the need to protect their own employees, because there were simply not enough masks on the market to buy. Now their plan is to provide sufficient masks for domestic use.

Their production capacity is 25,000 masks per shift, and the number of shifts will, he says, depend on market demands.

Aware of the fact that local production is currently the mainstay of the crisis-shaken economy and that their production activities create a significant share of market recovery, and this project, as well as all previous investments, the company wants to make a strong contribution to the domestic economy.

„When planning a new production facility, we primarily wanted to ensure a calmer preparation of the domestic market for a possible second wave of coronavirus. Surgical masks are a very useful product without which at this moment we can practically not work in a team, ride public transport, go to shopping.

Due to their special structure and filtering characteristics, surgical masks have proven effective in preventing the spread of droplets that occur during speech and breathing, and in everyday life, conversation is what forms the basis of work and life, ”director Alen Krajačić explains one of the reasons for the new investment cycle in Delt Papir.

Their production capacity is 25,000 masks per shift, and the number of shifts will, he says, depend on market demands

They want to facilitate to the healthcare system

In addition to everyday life, we have witnessed a global crisis and a shortage of protective equipment, necessary for the operation of medical institutions. In this Zagreb company, they say, they want to make it easier for Croatian healthcare institutions to wait a long time for shipments from abroad.

Although the situation with the procurement of protective equipment in Croatia has stabilized, the owners of Delt Papir emphasize the importance of domestic production, which in the coming period could be of great importance for the uninterrupted stability in the supply of protective equipment.

“Our hospitals and other healthcare institutions must at all times be able to supply their employees with protective equipment, especially protective surgical masks that are changed several times in shifts and are indispensable in working with patients.

Clearly we hope and eagerly expect an adequate medical solution to end the battle with the virus, but time is relentless and we do not want to leave things to chance. Good production planning will certainly make a big difference if a new wave of Covid-19 does occur, ”adds Kruno Kišak.

Company profile

Delt Papir emphasizes that the private sector is sure to face a battle with uncertain market turmoil, but companies engaged in the production of products of significant importance in the emerging economic needs should certainly continue to support because their stability depends on many jobs and health of our fellow citizens. health workers and patients.

Delt Papir generated revenue of HRK 129 million last year, which was a growth of 14%. They employ about 100 workers and process about 12,000 tons of paper a year. They ended last year with 50% of export earnings, and in the first two months of this year, until the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, their exports rose to 65%. Masks are produced both for export and for the domestic market, so they have prepared box packaging in Croatian and English.

“Export orders are constantly arriving, especially due to the fact that the masks are certified, and like paper products, we export them from the EU all the way to the Middle East. The production itself takes place through the parent company Delt Papir, and the distribution company Hygiene 4 You is in charge of distribution “, say Krajačić and Kišak.

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